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About us

SLC WA provides an ongoing professional and innovative interpreting service in a range of settings throughout the State. Focused on providing first-rate and reliable interpreting at all times, SLC WA prides itself on efficiently meeting the ever growing demand for interpreting services throughout the community. This is achieved whilst maintaining the integrity, accuracy and values of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community we service. We are the only WA interpreting organisation where all interpreting profits are invested back into services which will benefit the local Deaf community. These interpreting services are often integral in assisting those with a hearing loss access and utilise the community in their everyday lives.

All interpreters registered with SLC WA are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) and are required to maintain high professional standards. Our Interpreters undergo regular professional development and skills maintenance to ensure that we provide the best possible interpreting service at all times. All Auslan Interpreters are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics as set out by the Australian Sign Language Interpreter’s Association (ASLIA). SLC WA is responsible for the conduct of all of our Auslan Interpreters and endeavours to ensure they remain adherent to the ASLIA code of ethics at all times when on an interpreting assignment.

Auslan Interpreting is a fast paced and dynamic profession which each year has grown to function in a variety of new settings. As the awareness of the need for Auslan Interpreters  spreads, SLC WA successfully meets the demands and creates new opportunities where possible to benefit the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community involved.

Recent opportunities have included providing Auslan Interpreters for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Kings Park and working with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to ensure a plan is in place for Interpreter access during emergency broadcasts.

We provide quality interpreting services in a variety of situations, such as medical appointments, legal appointments, special events, functions and workplace meetings. SLC WA is also an approved Interpreting and Translating service provider for the Government of Western Australia. This ensures that anytime an Interpreter is provided when interacting with the State Government, a guaranteed standard of Interpreting can be assured.

To book an interpreter please use our online booking system. Alternatively you may contact the office to discuss your interpreting service requirements.

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