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Board strategic planning update
Board strategic planning update


On Saturday 2nd July, the Board of the WA Deaf Society had an extremely productive strategic planning session. The key outcomes were commitments over the next five years to:

1. Build our collective skills to help achieve the WADS mission
2. Effectively resource our mission
3. Ensure equal access to communication for all

It was determined that everything we do should be driven by these guiding principles.

The Board also determined that WADS needed a new vision statement. We need a new statement to express and focus more effectively on what it is we want to achieve for the Deaf and hard of hearing communities in the future. We need something simple; something that provided clarity about where we are going and what we are doing. We want something free from corporate jargon and above everything, we want something memorable and inspirational.

The result?

WA Deaf Society
Empowerment. Community. Equality. Access.

We welcome any feedback on this vision by Friday 15th July 2016.
We really would be delighted to have your thoughts.

Thank you.

Annette Perrin
Chair of the Board

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