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National Week of Deaf People 2015
National Week of Deaf People 2015

Western Australian Association of the Deaf (WAAD) are delighted to launch ‘Learn Basic Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Posters’ as part of the celebrations of National Week of Deaf People (NWDP) beginning on Saturday 17th October and concluding on Friday 23rd October 2015.


NWDP is recognised as an international event in cooperation with Deaf Australia and the World Federation of the Deaf. The theme of this year’s NWDP is “With Sign Language Rights, Our Children Can!” Events celebrating NWDP will be held in Perth and will focus on the beauty of Auslan and the courage of Deaf people in identifying themselves as a socio-linguistic minority with its own unique language, culture and heritage.


As part of the NWDP celebrations, WAAD are delighted to share with you the attached ‘Learn Basic Auslan Posters’ that focus on a different category for each day of the week and would encourage you, along with your families, friends and work colleagues to begin your Auslan learning journey by practicing these signs each day through NWDP, remembering to use your dominant hand when signing i.e. right handed people use right hand and left handed people use their left hand.

  • Auslan signs for “Greetings”
  • Auslan signs for “Weather”
  • Auslan signs for “Family”
  • Auslan signs for “Animals”
  • Auslan signs for “Fruit”
  • Auslan signs for “Transport”
  • Auslan signs for “Colour”

To download and display these free posters go to:

Hashtag: #LetscelebrateAuslan

So let’s pick up our hands, join in the fun and celebrate NWDP!!



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