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SignOn Direct Debit Program

This program is offered to donors wishing to make a regular donation to the Society. Donations can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

If you would like to become a regular donor please download the forms below.


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Payroll deductions

Donors can make a donation to a non-profit organisation through a payroll deduction scheme, paid directly by their employer to the WA Deaf Society. Through this scheme, you can nominate the amount and frequency of donations to be made to the Society.


Money boxes


The WA Deaf Society believes that every cent counts and by placing a Society money box in your workplace, you’re helping the Deaf community to achieve full citizenship and enjoyment of life.

The Society also has ‘flatpack’ money boxes that are great for collecting your loose change and all those 5 cent pieces that get found between the cushions or retrieved from the washing machine.



One of the best investments you can make is in the future of an Australian citizen.

By leaving a bequest to the WA Deaf Society, your personal memorial will be an enduring tribute to your generosity and will maximise a Deaf or hard of hearing citizen’s opportunities.

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For more information please contact us.

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