Community Services


The WA Deaf Society provides a variety of programs that cater to the varying degrees of needs in the Deaf community.


Language Early Access Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a bilingual, bicultural playgroup for Deaf and hard of hearing children, or hearing children with Deaf parents or family members. LEAP provides the opportunity to develop and grow friendships in a social environment, for children from birth to five years of age, and their families.

The key focus of LEAP is language. During all LEAP activities, children are exposed to both Auslan and English. Children learn these languages in a safe environment where language development is encouraged. The program also aims to promote children’s language acquisition by building on their signed and spoken communication skills.

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Deaf Seniors 50+ Club

This program is designed as a first step to reduce the inequality of services to the Deaf and hard of hearing senior community. Our Community Services team coordinate social activities and seminars for the group who meet every third Wednesday of the month.



Accommodation Support

This program is accessed by Deaf people with additional disabilities. Individualised funding ensures that clients are able to live independently in the community with support from one of our Community Services Officers. Specific assistance is provided for attending appointments, financial management and communication.


If you would like any information about our programs please contact us.

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